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How to Download PPSSPP Games And Run on Android Device (Easy Steps)

How to Download PPSSPP Games And Run on Android Device (Easy Steps)

how to download ppsspp games

Do you want to know How to Download PPSSPP Games and play them on your Android device?

As you know there are tons of websites available from where you can download PPSSPP games for your android mobile, But the thing is most of them are fake or the website contains lots of advertisements, So now the question is, where should you download the PPSSPP game?

In our previous post, I have mentioned the Top 5 websites from where you can Download PPSSPP Games without any fake download links and without any ads.

To download a PPSSPP game go to any PPSSPP game downloading site and then download the ISO file of the game you want to play. Now download the PPSSPP emulator from Google Play Store and search for the ISO file you have downloaded earlier, Now click on the ISO file and your game will start running without any problems.

Download PPSSPP Games And Run on Android Device

If you want to know how to download PPSSPP games and after downloading the game how to put games on PPSSPP Android then follow the given steps:

Download the ISO file of the game you want to Play

Obviously, you first need to download the game files otherwise you can’t play the game, So first download your favorite game's ISO file.

Just scroll down this post and you can see that I have mentioned the top 5 best websites for downloading PPSSPP games.

Extract the compressed PPSSPP ISO file

Many people don’t know how to unzip PPSSPP files after downloading them, But don’t just follow my easy steps to decompressed your PPSSPP game iso file.

Follow the steps below to unzip your PPSSPP game files

  • First Download ZArchiver from Google Play Store
  • Now open the app and locate the file
  • Click on the Zip/Compressed file, then click “Extract here” and your file will start extracting.
  • After successfully extracting the Compressed file you can delete the compressed file.

3. Use PPSSPP Android Emulator to run the Game

If you want to put games on PPSSPP Android then your need to download the emulator first, After downloading the app just do what I mentioned in the steps below.

How to Put Games on PPSSPP Android?

  • After downloading the app open it and locate to the folder where you save the extracted game file.
  • Now you can see the ISO file has converted in the game icon, you just need to click on it to run the game.
  • After clicking on the file you can play the game without any problems,

In some case, If your face Lag or frame drop issue you can lower the games setting in PPSSPP emulator according to your android device.

Best Site to Download PPSSPP Games

If you want to know about some of the best websites to download PPSSPP Games for your Android mobile, then do check out the below post, I have mentioned the Top 5 websites, which I personally like and recommend to everyone.

1. Emuparadise

In our list the first site is emuparadise, it may sound different but believe me, this website is best if you’re looking for any PSP games.

They also have a chart from A to Z using these charts you can find the game easily which you are looking for, Just tap on the first alphabet of your game’s name and all the games which are starting from the letter start showing.

2. Emulatorgames

Why Emulatorgames is different from the first site because this website has all the latest and newly released PPSSPP games.

Not only for Android you can also download games for your other gaming consoles like Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Playstation Portable, Nintendo 64, and more.

3. Romsmania

If you don’t know where you can download PPSSPP games for pc and android then Romsmania can be the best option, this site is a little similar to the previous one.

This website also allows you to play games online on their website without downloading it isn’t amazing.

4. Coolrom

Coolrom is similar to emuparadise just like a second small website of emuparadise, the best thing about this site is that the navigation is so simple and easy to find any kind of games.

One thing I like about this is that you can change the language of this site. This means now you can use Coolrom in your language, which will help you to navigate the website very easily.

5. Gamulator

Gamulator is not an official PPSSPP games website but you will find the most popular and newly released games on this website,

I don’t recommend this site because this is not an official website but you can search for games in case the game is not available on the above website.

If you want to play some online games then do check out 룰루게임 site, they have all kinds of games on their official site.

How to Extract PPSSPP Games on Android?

As you know that you can easily download any kind of PPSSPP games but when it’s come to extract that file then it becomes a little problematic,

But don’t worry today I’m going to share a simple and easy-to-way extract any kind of compressed PPSSPP games on Android.

  • First download ZArchiver from Google Play Store (It’s Free)
  • Now open the app and search for the file which you want to extract
  • After locating the file, just click on the file, then several options will appear, we need to click on “Extract here”
  • Then your file will start extracting, It can take some minutes
  • After some time your file will be extracted and ready to play.

How to Install PPSSPP on Android?

If you want to play games on PPSSPP Android without any lag or frame drop issue then you should always choose and best PPSSPP emulator.

As you know the PPSSPP emulator by Henrik Rydgård is the best app when it comes to playing PSP games on Android, but the problem is many people don’t know to install it on an android device.

If you are also looking for How to Install PPSSPP on Android then read the below paragraph.

You can just search for “PPSSPP” on Google Play Store, then click on the result first, and then click on the install button, The installation process may take some time according to your internet speed.

After successfully installing the game you can open the app and play any PPSSPP game of your choice.

How to Put Games on PPSSPP Android?

You have maybe downloaded the ISO file and also installed the PPSSPP app on your Android device, But now the question is how can you put the games on your PPSSPP Android?

  • To put games on your PPSSPP Android, you don’t have to do much just remember the ISO file location or folder name,
  • Then open the PPSSPP app and then find the ISO file where you already save it
  • Now click on the ISO file and your game will start running without any problems.

I hope this post helped you to know How to Download PPSSPP Games, You may also want to download Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game.

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