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Best PPSSPP Cricket Games Download (Highly Compressed)

Best PPSSPP Cricket Games Download (Highly Compressed)

ppsspp cricket games

Do you want to download PPSSPP cricket games for your Android or PC devices?

If you like cricket games then today’s post is for you, because in this post I am going to share some of the best cricket games that can be played on the PPSSPP emulator.

Best Cricket Games for PPSSPP

Below I have mentioned some of the best PPSSPP cricket games that can be played on a PSP emulator, To download them from the below list click on the download button or follow the instruction in the FAQ section.

International Cricket Captain III

If you’re for the best PPSSPP cricket game that you can play on your android device then I highly recommend you to download International Cricket Captain III because this game has all the features that cricket should have.

The graphics are also good even on Android devices and the best thing about this game is that you can play the game in high settings without any issue.

In some cases, If you are experiencing a screen freeze or low frame rate problem, Then you can check our previous post where we have mentioned the best settings for PPSSPP that you can use to solve this kind of problem in your PPSSPP app.

Brian Lara International 2007

If you are looking for the best PPSSPP cricket games then I would recommend you to download this second game from our list, One thing I love most about this game is that you can also watch the commentary, which makes the game awesome.

If I talk about graphics, the graphics are average and good for a PPSSPP game, and the game requirement is also low, which means that even if you have an Android phone with 1GB of RAM, you still have no Problem games can be easily played.

Street Cricket Champions

As you can read the game title, this game is inspired by the children who are playing cricket on the streets and because of this the name of the game is street cricket.

I am sure that most of you probably played street cricket in your childhood and now you can play the same game using your Android device.

Just like we used to play cricket in our society you will get the same view when you download and run the game, there is no cricket field in this game because it is street cricket which means you have to play cricket on the road.

Street Cricket Champions 2

Street cricket champions 2 has lots of new features and also the graphics is so much improved, If you want to play street cricket then make sure to download this game because Street Cricket Champions 2 is better than the older previous version.

Now you can also create your own custom players as well as your own team which you can use in cricket matches.

The developer has done a great job on the graphics of the game and the surround of the street looks so good and amazing.

Game Requirement

If you want to play the PPSSPP cricket game without any lag or frame drop then make sure that your device has minimum requirements.

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 2 GB 3 GB
Processer Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 8.0+

How to Download PPSSPP cricket Games?

You can follow the steps given below. If you want to download the PPSSPP cricket game, I refer to all the steps that you can follow to download the game.

  • Select your favorite PPSSPP cricket game from the below list.
  • Click the below Download button
  • Wait on the next page while your download link is generating.
  • Click on the link, Now wait for seven seconds.
  • Now click on the download button, And your game will start downloading.

How to run PPSSPP cricket Games After Download?

If you successfully downloaded the game file but don’t know how to run those files then follow the steps given below.

  • Open the ZArchiver app and search for the downloaded files
  • Click on the files, then click on the extract here option.
  • After extracting the file open PPSSPP App.
  • Again search for the Extracted file, then click on the file.
  • Now your game will start without any problems.

Can I play this game without an Internet connection?

PPSSPP games don’t require an internet connection that means you can play any kind of PPSSPP games even if you don’t have an internet connection.

I hope this post helps you to download the best Cricket Games for PPSSPP, You may also want to Download PPSSPP Football Games (Highly Compressed).

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