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TOP 20 Role Playing Game Action Game for PPSSPP (Android/Windows)

TOP 20 Role Playing Game Action Game for PPSSPP (Android/Windows)

role playing game action game ppsspp games

Do you want to know the best Role Playing Game Action game or PPSSPP RPG Games for the PPSSPP emulator?

In today’s post, we are going to share the top 20 role playing action PPSSPP games or in other words, PPSSPP RPG games that you can play on your Android and Windows PC.

There are a ton of PSP games available that you can play on your Android phone or any Windows PC using the PSP or PPSSPP emulator, But if you are only looking for role playing game action games or RPG games then keep reading the post.

The best thing about all these games is that you can easily implement any kind of cheat using only one file,

In some cases if you don’t know How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC then you can read our previous post in which we have to show the step-by-step process of using cheats.

TOP 20 Role Playing Game Action Game PPSSPP Games

1. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

In our list, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is on the top and the best Role Playing Game Action Game because it’s have everything which a game should weather it is Action, Thrill, Adventure, Misson or different kind of weapons.

The game is based on the cold war where you have to service in the jungle and destroy the enemy base and tamps, The best thing is you can access lots of new weapons which have been used in the cold war.

Also, the map of this game is so huge where you can find many things to explore, make sure to check out the gameplay on Youtube.

2. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This is also a PPSSPP open-world RPG game but based on fiction characters totally different from the previous game,

In this game, you going to explore different kinds of monsters, dinosaurs, and big creatures, where you have to save the village from all the enemies but don’t worry because of the main character of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

You can also use super abelites and weapon to complete any kind of missions easily.

3. God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta

God Of War Ghost Of Sparta is one the best role playing game for the PPSSPP Emulator, Even the storyline of this game is amazing as you keep playing the game you don’t feel to stop the game because of the story and action of God of War Ghost of Sparta.

Another thing I like the most about this game is the graphic which is pretty shocking because the game was released in November 2010 but still you can enjoy the game in high graphic

You may want to know if you can play is game in English or not? And the answer is yes you can, The game was officially released in English which means you can download and play this Role Playing Action Game on your android phone using a PPSSPP emulator.

4. God Of War – Chains Of Olympus

God Of War Chains Of Olympus was released just before the God of War Ghost of Sparta, And if you want to know the complete story of both games then ensure that you download this game first then the GOW Chains of Olympus otherwise you can’t understand the storyline of the game.

On the other hand, If you are just looking for PPSSPP RPG games and just want to enjoy the actionthen this game is perfect for you.

One good feature of God Of War Chains Of Olympus is that the game doesn’t require high gaming android phone or high gaming PC you just need an android phone with a minimum 2 GB of RAM and 1.5 GB of storage that’s it.

5. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

The next game on our list is pretty famous among many games and I’m sure you also know about this game, Yes you guess right GTA Vice city stories, If you are looking for role playing action game for ppsspp then this game is for you.

If you ever played any Rockstar company games then you know how Amazing, Action, and Role playing games they develop, and because this game is also developed by Rockstar Games you going to enjoy the same action as other Rockstar games.

This is one of the best PPSSPP RPG games and I personally recommend you to download this game for your Android or PC device. We also publish an article where we have shown how to download GTA San Andreas on your Android/Windows Device

6. Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – Cosmic Destruction

Ben 10 is one of the best TV shows and popular in almost every country and now you can control this character in your PPSSPP emulator, isn’t it amazing?

One more thing I want to mention is that you can use his Omnitrix to convert into any Super Alien including the superpowers which can be used to kill your enemy and save the galaxy from the bad aliens.

This is also a role playing and action for PPSSP as well, If you are looking for PPSSPP RPG games then this can be a good option.

Tip: Using cheats to unlocked all the Aliens and their Ultimate version in the game.

7. Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man is a really amazing superhero and everyone wants to be like him but the problem is this is not real, you can’t be a Spider-Man in real life but don’t worry still you won’t do what he can in his movie, How?

By downloading his game Spider-Man 3, It’s may sound crazy but believe me once you start playing the game you feel like you are the character inside the game.

The map of this game is so big and you can and there are many things in the city to explore. Highly recommended this game.

8. Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines

Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines for PlayStation Portable (PSP) on November 2009 I know it is very old but remember that year is just a number, believe me, the graphic is super cool just like the game release nowadays.

The mission is so interesting where you can will your enemy using different kinds of weapons like Fists, Hidden Blade, Short blades, and Swords.

Also, you can hide on the top of the buildings and castles if the enemy finds you, and many other things you can do in the game because this is an open-world game.

9. Call Of Duty – Roads To Victory

If you are looking action game where you can use guns and other weapons then Call Of Duty Roads To Victory is perfect.

This is a kind of battlefield game just like a world war between two countries and you have to protect yourself from other countries.

The thing I like the most about this game is you will able to use different kind of guns and weapons which you can use against you enemy, Some of the famous weapons I shared below which has been used in the game.

Weapon use in COD Roads To Victory: M1A1, MP40, Sten Mk II, FG 42, Karabiner 98k, M1 Garand, M1A1 Carbine

10. Ben 10 – Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks

This is the second of Ben 10 in our list but doesn’t worry because the storyline and the alien are different from the before Ben 10 game,

In this Ben 10 game, you have to protect the galaxy from Vilgax and his team but don’t worry you can do it easily because you can Omnitrix using the power of the Omnitrix you can kill any bad Alien.

As I said before this is an open world as well as role playing action game, the map of the game is also so huge.

11. Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories

Again a game from Rockstar games, I don’t have to mention how fantastic game Rockstar company make where you will get the freedom to explore a new city, town, and amazing place.

Even you can do whatever you do in the real for example, you can ride anyone’s bike, cars, and places which maybe you can’t do in the real world.

Also don’t forget about the mission because the missions of the GTA game are always challenging and so interesting, which makes the game one of the best PPSSPP RPG games.

12. Ben 10 – Protector Of Earth

This is the third game of Ben 10 in our list TOP 20 Role Playing Game Action Game list, but this time the age of ben Tennyson will be less I mean the age of Ben’s character is younger than the before Ben 10s game.

Some of the features are limited in this game like you can’t change into new aliens even you cannot upgrade to Ultimate Aliens but still, there are many other aliens that you can convert into.

The Ben Tennyson is young in this game isn’t mean the action of this game is low, even the action of Ben 10 Protector Of Earth is twice more than other games.

13. Crash Of The Titans

Crash Of The Titans is not for those who love action and fighting game, but on the other hand, if you are a kind of people who want to play an adventurous game then this is perfect.

This is not an action game isn’t mean it’s a boring game no this is not true, but this is totally different and has many things to find out inside the game.

14. Avatar – The Last Airbender

You may know about this game or the character and maybe you saw him much time in the TV show, Yes I’m talking avatar a superhero with amazing air powers.

This game is inspired by the original TV show and a lot of the things are so similar, But the story and the place in the game are different and you may also see many new characters inside the game.

The main thing about this game is the avatar’s power and using her power you can knock out any opponent in just a second it doesn’t matter if the enemy is too big or too small.

15. Ghost Rider

Do you want to ride a bike that is covered with flame, If yes then try out this game, Not only the bike is covered with the flame but also the main character is covered with flames.

Ghost rider can burl any enemy with his flame or damage heavy with his fire metal whips, I’m sure that the enemies don’t want to mess with him.

You can also use his bike to travel long distances as well as use the bike as a weapon, it’s up to you.

16. Sword Art Online – Infinity Moment

Sword Art Online – Infinity Moment is a Japanese game based on the Sword Art Online light novel series, This is a ppsspp RPG action game.

The graphic of the game is so impressive and the storyline is fantastic as well, I didn’t play this game ever but I hope you are going to enjoy this game.

17. The Sims 2

If you are looking for the best role-playing game then no one replace Sims, This game is available on Android and Windows PC as well, But Sims 2 is different from the android version.

In the game, you can interact with many other characters and the best part is you can be in a relationship with any girl and can make your own story. There are lots of things you can do inside the game.

18. Star Wars – Battlefront II

I don’t have to explain more about what you may already get to know about this game, If you don’t know then let me tell you this is a Star Wars game where the story and the surround of this game are taken from the star wars movie.

You can explore the galaxy and space using the spacecraft even you can use it as a weapon during the missions, As you know Star Wars is a fiction movie which means you going to use weapons which have been used in the star wars movie.

For Example, Lightsaber, Lightsaber pike, Blaster, etc.

19. Toy Story 3

Toy Story is a very famous anime movie and now it also has a game, In the toy story game, you can control all the toys which is available in the movie.

In this game you can do lots of things and also explore the new world of toys, If you looking for a role-playing game for PPSSPP then this is one of them.

20. Prince Of Persia – Revelations

Prince Of Persia was one of the most popular games in the 20s and still people like it Because it is an adventure game and role-playing action game of a prince.

The mission of this game is so interesting and challenging where you have to face many different kinds of enemies but don’t worry because the prince of Persia is so powerful.

I hope this post helped you to download the best Role Playing Game Action Game PPSSPP games and PPSSPP RPG games, If you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your PPSSPP Gamers friends.

If we miss any PPSSPP game that you think should be on our list then be sure to comment on the name of the game, if the game is good then we will definitely add it to this game list.