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GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP ISO Download (Highly Compressed)

GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP ISO Download (Highly Compressed)

gta liberty city ppsspp

Do you want to download GTA liberty city stories PPSSPP ISO highly compressed for your Android device?

GTA liberty city was released for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, and for many other devices. As you know that you can run any games which were released for PlayStation Portable which means you can run this game on your Android device using a PSP emulator.

Also, the best thing is that you don’t need to pay money to play this game, As the Android version of GTA liberty city stories is paid on Google Play Store,

But you can play the PSP version of this game which is similar to the Android version.

The best thing about this game is that you can download it for free, also you don’t need a high spec device to run this game, and last but not least all the mission and location of this game is similar to the android version.

Features of GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP

The game has lots of amazing things, But I’m going to share some of the top features which you can apply while playing this game. Check all the Features below.

No Minimum Requirement

The first thing I like the most is the game requirement as you know that the android version of GTA Liberty City needs a pretty good Android device to play the game smoothly.

On the other hand, there is no minimum requirement of GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP ISO you can play this game on any Android device even on the low specs.

In some cases, if you have a low-end Android device and if you facing lag or frame drop issues then you can make the right settings in your PPSSPP emulator according to your android device.

You can also check our previous post where we have post Best Settings for Android/Windows to fix Lag/Frame Drops, I’m sure by following all the settings you can play any games in your PSP emulator smoothly.

Highly Compressed

There are so many people who have a per day limited internet so for those people we decided to compress the iso file as much as we can which means the current size of the file is very less as compare to the original file.

After downloading the game iso file you can extract the file using Zarchiver, open the PSP emulator, and run the game as you do with all the other games. 

Why compressed game files is helpful? Compressed can help to save your internet because the size of the file is small as compared to the original files. This means you can save a lot of internets while downloading a large file.

High Graphics

If you want to play GTA Liberty City in high graphics then you need a PlayStation, but what if you don’t have a PlayStation well you can replace the PlayStation with your Android device, is this Possible? of course you can play this game in high graphics even on your android device.

By replacing the PlayStation with Android I mean you can use the PPSSPP emulator in your android mobile to get the same high graphics on your android device just like PlayStation.

You can also enjoy the high graphics in any low-end android device without any issue.

Apply Cheats

If you ever play games in the PPSSPP emulator then you also know that there is an option called cheats using this cheats option you can apply cheats to any games. That means you can also apply cheats to gta liberty city PPSSPP.

If you are download GTA liberty city highly compressed on your android device for the first time then you maybe don’t know to apply cheats but don’t worry because we have recently published an article about How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC make sure to check this post if you want to apply cheats in your games.

PPSSPP emulator gives you the freedom to create your own cheats file and apply it to your game.

Lag Fixed

You may face a lag issue in your GTA liberty city android but if you going to download this game on your PSP emulator then I’m sure you never going to face any kind of Lag issue.

If you still facing the lag issue then the problem may be in your PSP emulator, to avoid this issue make sure to keep your PSP emulator up to date but change the emulator. I would always recommend PPSSPP Gold by Henrik RydgÄrd.

How to Play GTA liberty city stories on PPSSPP?

To play GTA Liberty City on the PPSSPP emulator you just need to follow some steps which I have mentioned below, you can follow the steps that can install the game in your PPSSPP emulator.

1. Download GTA liberty city ISO for PPSSPP

First thing you need to download the iso file of the game, without the iso file you can’t run the game in your PPSSPP emulator.

To download the iso file you can click on the above download button. after clicking on the button your GTA liberty city stories PPSSPP highly compressed will start downloading.

2. Extract the Zip file using ZArchiver

Now we need to extract the zip file because the file you downloaded is in compressed form which means we need to decompress it.

  • To extract the file first download Zarchiver from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the app and click on the game file.
  • After clicking on the file you can see lots of options appear just click on the “Extract here” option.
  • Wait for a minute and your file will be extracted successfully.

3. Open PPSSPP Emulator

Now just open your PPSSPP Gold app because the Gold version has lots of extra features which you do not get with the free version.

(You can also download the PPSSPP Gold for free from this post. Just click on the download button.)

After opening the search for the game file and click on the game file, After clicking the file your game will start running.

4. Do the Right Settings According to your Device

Now your game will start running properly but still, if you face any kind of lag or frame drop issue then you can just low the setting in your PPSSPP emulator.

Make sure to follow the settings given below:

  • In the Graphics section, you can see the first option Backend click on it and select OpenGL.
  • Now in the Mode option select Buffered rendering.
  • You can see there is an option called Frame skipping just turn it off.
  • Change the Rendering resolution and Display resolution (HW scaler) to 2x PSP.
  • Also, Turn on the Lazy texture caching (speedup) and Disable slower effects (speedup).
  • Turn on the vertex cache and Software skinning the Performance section.

Can I Download GTA liberty city stories PPSSPP free?

You can download the ISO file of GTA liberty city and run it on PSP emulator for free, There are lots of websites available on the internet from where you can download GTA liberty city PPSSPP for free. If your reading this post then just scroll to the top of this page and click on the download button to download this game for free.

What is the size of GTA liberty city stories PPSSPP Highly Compressed?

The full size of the GTA liberty city stories ISO file is 555 MB but make sure you have a minimum 2 GB of free space in your Android device because the size will double after extracting the file.

Can I play GTA liberty city stories PPSSPP without Internet?

All the games which run on the PPSSPP emulator don’t require any Internet connection which means you don’t need any internet access to run GTA liberty city stories in the PPSSPP emulator.

I hope this helps you to download GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP, You may also want to download GTA San Andreas PPSSPP Highly compressed.

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