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PPSSPP Games Under 100MB (Highly Compressed) ISO Download

PPSSPP Games Under 100MB (Highly Compressed) ISO Download

ppsspp game under 100mb

Do you want to download PPSSPP Games Highly Compressed under 100MB for your Android device?

In our previous post we shared more than 1000 PPSSPP Games which you can download and play on your Android or PC devices using PPSSPP Emulator, But if you are looking for PPSSPP games under 100MB then keep reading this post.

In this post, we will share some of the most famous and amazing PPSSPP games which you can download under less than 100MB.

We have mentioned all the PPSSPP Highly Compressed Games Under 100MB below, You can also download these games by clicking on the download button.

The best thing about all these games is you can apply cheats to all of them, You just need to download the cheat.db file to use cheats or check this post where we have explained How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC

PPSSPP Highly Compressed Games Under 100MB

1. Marvel Nemesis – Rise Of The Imperfects

In our list, the first game is from Marvel, As you know there are so many superhero characters in Marvel which means you will also get all the superhero characters in these games.

There is an adventure game where you have to protect the city from enemies, you can use the superpowers to fight with the enemies. Every superhero has its own different powers which means you can use different kinds of powers to fight with enemies.

If you like to play action and adventure games then I recommend you to download this game.

2. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

If you ever played King of Fighters then you also going to like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Max. This is one of the best fighting games.

To win in this game you have to knot out the opponent team, also there is a time limit which means if your life is then the opponent by the timer end then you going to win.

There is a total of 38 unique characters in this game each has its own powers, Ryu is one of the famous characters and is most used by the player in the game.

3. Coded Arms

If you love to play with different kinds of guns in games then this game would be perfect for you, This is an action game where you can use different kinds of guns and modern weapons.

This game is based on science fiction movies which means there is so much chance that you going to see many science fiction guns and weapons.

All the missions of this game are challenging which makes this game more interesting, Also you can apply any cheats to this game.

The best thing about this game is that it is a PPSSPP highly compressed game under 100MB.

4. Avatar – The Legend Of Aang

This game is inspired by Avatar web anime, now you can explore the same world inside this game. You will see all the characters which are available in the anime.

Avatar – The Last Arender is an awesome game especially if you use a low-end device.

The game was released for PSP, Mobile, and Tablets, The best thing about this game is that you really don’t need a high-spec device.

5. Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

You may know about Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels has a wide collection of cars which means you going to get different types of cars to use for racing.

Each car has its own ability which you can use while racing with different cars, you can modify your cars just like we did in real Hot Wheels cars.

Also, you can unlock new cars as you continue to play new missions, But if you want to unlock all the new items at the beginning then just use the cheats options.

6. SpongeBob SquarePants – The Yellow Avenger

SpongeBob is one of the best arcade games for PPSSPP under 100MB, In this game, he has to save his Downtown Bikini bottom from enemies.

This game is not for those who like to play action games but if you are a fan of Arcade games then you should definitely check out this game.

If you ever wish to explore the Bikini Bottom town where SpongeBob lives then this would be the best time, The game developer made the exact same town of Bikini Bottom in this game.

7. Sonic Rivals

In our PPSSPP game under 100MB list, the last game is Sonic Rivals, As you know when Sonic runs no one catches him because he runs so fast.

It is a kind of racing game where you can compete with other sonics in racing to win the game, While racing you will see that there are lots of coins that you have to collect and as you collect more coins you can unlock new items in the game.

Can I Play all these PPSSPP games on my Android Device?

Once you download the game open the PPSSPP Emulator and search for the downloaded game file, Then click on the file and you will start running without any issues.

Can I use cheats for all these PPSSPP Games?

All the PPSSPP highly compressed games under 100MB which I mentioned in this post are compatible with cheats which means you can apply cheats code to all the games, To know more you can check our previous post where we explained How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC.

Do I need an internet connection to play PPSSPP games under 100 MB?

You can play a kind of PPSSPP Games without any internet connection which means you can even play these PPSSPP games on your Android device without any internet connection.

I hope this post helps you to download PPSSPP Highly compressed games under 100MB, You may also want to download TOP 20 Role Playing Game Action Game for PPSSPP.

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