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How to Play Multiplayer on PPSSPP Android (Step-by-Step)

How to Play Multiplayer on PPSSPP Android (Step-by-Step)

how to play multiplayer on PPSSPP android

Do you want to know How to Play multiplayer on PPSSPP Android without Internet?

how to play multiplayer on PPSSPP android

As you know there are tons of PPSSPP Games available on the internet some of them are can be played in multiplayer mode with your friends, The best thing about these multiplayer games is that you don’t need an internet connection to play PPSSPP games in multiplayer mode with your friends.

Using the multiplayer mode you can play the PPSSPP game with your friends just like PS4 and other gaming consoles, Also it doesn’t require WI-FI or an internet connection all you need is just two Android devices and a PPSSPP app.

To run multiplayer on PPSSPP Android, all you need to do is to first turn on the hotspot on Android and then connect the hotspot to another Android device. Now make sure the IP address is the same on both PPSSPP settings, Start any PPSSPP multiplayer game.

Play PPSSPP Multiplayer Games on Android

If you want to play a PPSSPP multiplayer game using your Android device then you can follow the steps below, where I have shown you all the steps that you can follow to set up your PPSSPP app to play multiplayer games.

1. Turn on Hotspot on Android Device

The first thing you need to do to play multiplayer games on your PPSSPP Android is Turn on the mobile hotspot,

Just go to your device settings then find Hotspot and enable it or swipe down the notification panel on your android device and turn on the Hotspot.

Note: You do not need to turn on an internet connection, You can play games without any internet connection.

2. Connect the Hotspot to another Android device

Now Turn on the WI-FI on the second Android device and connect to the first device hotspot.

Make sure you are connected to the first device hotspot and not to any other device or WI-FI.

If both devices are not connected to each other then you will not be able to play the game in multiplayer mode.

3. Change the IP address on both PPSSPP app Settings

Now open the settings on your second device, then click on about device and find the IP address of your second device.

After getting the IP address on your second device copy it or write it on a piece of paper.

Open the PPSSPP app on both of the devices then click on Settings>Networking>IP address, Now replace the current IP address with the new one which you copied or write it on a piece of paper before,

Follow the same steps on both devices and make sure the IP address is the same on both Android devices.

4. Enable networking and hoc server

In this step, you need to enable two options, the first is “Networking/WLAN” and the second is a “built-in PRO ad hoc server”.

Make sure to enable these options on both Android devices,

Without enabling this option your game will not run or you will face problems while playing the game.

5. Set Port offset between 5000 – 6000

Just scroll down in the Networking section and you will see that there is an option called Port offset click on that option and set the number between 5000 – 6000.

Some games require less port Offset, for example, 5100, 5200, 5300. On the other hand, some games required high port offset, for example, 5500, 5600, 5700, or more.

If you see a message like change post offset when setting up the game, Then just increase or decrease some port offset.

Important: Make sure both of the devices have the same number of Post Offset

6. Setup the Game

In the last step, all you have to do is set up your game, first open the game to set up the game then select wireless or network. (These options may be different on other games)

Then create a match on your first device and then search for the match on your second device, If you see the match on your second device then click on the match to join the game. 

After joining the game just start the match and your multiplayer game will work without any problem.

If you see a port offset problem while setting the game, Then change the value on the port offset settings.

7. Now Enjoy the Game

If you follow all the steps then I’m sure you can play any kind of Multiplayer games on your Android device without any issue.

Also, remember then all the games do not support multiplayer mode that means you have to try different kinds of PPSSPP multiplayer games.

You can also check the FAQ section below, where I have given a solution to all the problems you face while playing a multiplayer PPSSPP game.

Does PPSSPP Multiplayer Games Require an Internet Connection?

You did not need an internet connection to play any type of game in multiplayer mode using the PPSSPP emulator, Just turn on the hotspot and connect it to another device you are ready to play the game.

How to fix the “fail to connect to ad hoc server” problem?

fail to connect to an ad hoc server is a common issue it is mainly occurs when both of the devices are not connected to each other or the IP address is not the same on both of the PPSSPP app settings.

Be sure to check that both devices are connected to each other via hotspot and Wi-Fi or check whether the IP address is the same or not.

If devices are not connected then connected them properly, On the other hand, if the IP address is not the same then make sure to make the same.

How to fix the UPnP problem in PPSSPP Multiplayer?

If you are experiencing a UPnP issue while connecting both devices, Just turn off this option in your PPSSPP app settings in the networking section.

As I said before this option is not important that means you can disable this option from your PPSSPP app setting.

Can I use cheats in PPSSPP Multiplayer games?

Most of the PPSSPP multiplayer games support cheat options but not all of them, You can check if the cheat is working in your PPSSPP game or not.

If it is not working then just move on to the next game or if it works then enjoy the game.

I hope after reading this post you get to know How to Play Multiplayer on PPSSPP Android, You may also want to know How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC (Step-by-Step).

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