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Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game Download for Android/Windows

Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game Download for Android/Windows

tekken tag ppsspp iso game download

Do you want to Download the Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO file for your Android or Windows (PC)?

In today’s post, I’m going to tell you how can you download and install the Tekken tag PPSSPP ISO game on your Android phone or any Windows (PC).

But before let me tell you that there is not an official Takken tag PPSSPP ISO, this an old Takken game that is remade by other gamers.

Still, all the feature that original Tekken tag have you can use on this games using your android phone.

You can even select all the characters in the game also we have unlocked all the special characters which means you don’t need to complete any kind of mission to unlocked those characters or players.

New Players or characters

As I mention before there is not an official Tekken tag game but there is a modified version of that, The person who MOD this game also adds lots of new characters from Tekken Tag 2,

This means now you will able to add Tekken Tag 2 characters in the Tekken tag PPSSPP ISO game after Download.

Can I use the new characters in my PPSSPP Android? Of course, you can, You just need to download any PSP emulator from google store and you’re done

Also, make sure to follow the below instructions to set up the game on your android/Windows (PC) without any issue.

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Tekken Tag support

Does Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO game support You can apply all the cheats which is available in the file by just a PSP emulator.

This can be helpful in many scenarios for Example, If you want to stop your life from decreasing or if you want to increase your damage rate you can able to do this by using the cheat file.

If you really want to enjoy the game then try to avoid any kind of cheats, I also understand the cheats make the game more enjoyable but if you really a winning feeling the just avoid it.

New Texture Added

Tekken Tag has a boring and dull texture but in the new Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game, you will notice that the texture is better and impressive than the old game.

The Takken Tag PPSSPP ISO also supports FHD graphic which will be help full while playing the game on your PPSSPP Emulator.

No Minimum Requirement

One of the great features about this game is that the minimum requirement of these game is very low which mean you can play this game on almost every android phone.

Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO games have a minimum requirement of 2 GB RAM and 2 GB storage, for smooth gameplay be sure to use the latest processors in your Android / Windows.

Tekken Tag PPSSPP Multiplayer

These game even support multiplayer mode, using the multiplayer option you will able to play this game with your friends using Bluetooth or WIFI,

But don’t worry if you want to play with your friend then you just need to connect with your friend’s hotspot even if your friend didn’t have an Internet connection multiplayer will work.

Requirement Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO

Specs Minimum Recommended
Version 5.0+ 6.0+
Storage 2 GB 3 GB
Emulator PPSSPP (Normal) PPSSPP (Gold Version)
Operating system Android/Windows Android/Windows

How to Install Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game After Download?

To know to download and set up Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO on your Android or Windows device follow the given steps, I have mentioned the important steps which you can follow to play Tekken tag.

1. Download the Game by clicking on the Download button

To play Tekken Tag obviously you need to download the ISO file first, So just download the Game first by clicking on the above link. Download the Game by clicking on the Download

2. Extract the RAR file using the ZArchiver app

If you successfully downloaded the file then you need to extract the RAR file because the file is highly compressed which means you need to decompress the file first.

You can use ZArchive to decompose a compressed file. It is also available on Google Play Store.

3. Extract the RAR file using ZArchiver app

Replace the PSP folder with the New one

After completing the extracting process you will get two files first is the ISO file and the second one is the PSP folder including Savadata,

You need to replace your current PSP folder with the new which you get after extracting the RAR file. Follow the steps mentioned in the image.

Note: If you replace your current PSP folder then you will lose all the savedata so it better to make a backup before replacing the PSP folder.

4. Open PSP emulator and search the Game

After successfully completing all the steps you need to open your PSP emulator and search for the folder where you extract the file.

Now click on the game icon and you can see your game is working properly.Open PSP emulator and search the Game

5. TA-DA you have Successfully installed the Tekken Tag

Select your favorite player from the game menu and start the game, make sure your Android/Windows device is compatible with the requirements to play the game without any lag or issue.TA-DA you have Successfully installed the Tekken Tag

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I hope this post helped you to Tekken Tag PPSSPP ISO Game Download you may also want to know Where Can I Download PPSSPP Games For Android.

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